First Community Update

Local Money
1 min readJun 11, 2021

Hello Lunatics!

49 days have passed since our Funding Proposal passed and we’ve been quite silent since that, this post breaks this silence and it won’t be the last!

Before anything, we want to thank you immensely for all the support and feedback that you gave us during the deposit and voting phase. Special thanks to the Lunaticos Telegram Group (Spanish only), Terra Bites, Marte Cloud, and all the validators and community members that voted and gave feedback on our proposal.

Although we were silent during all these days, we were building!

Here’s what we did so far:

  • Acquired the and domains.
  • Refactored all our demo code to serve as a foundation for what we’re building.
  • Added Unit Tests in our Smart Contracts code.
  • Added support for all the existing fiat currencies in our contracts.
  • Migrated the whole front-end code from React to Vue/Vuex.
  • Updated our Twitter profile with a refined version of our Logo and a header.

And here’s a few things that we plan to work on in the next weeks:

  • Build our Landing Page and host it on our domains.
  • Upgrade our existing contracts to CosmWasm 0.14 and deploy them to the Bombay Testnet.
  • Write integration tests between the Offers and Trade contracts.
  • Setup CI (Continuous Integration) on our Smart Contracts GitHub repository so it can run all the tests on every commit, ensuring code stability.

We plan to post updates twice a month. You can subscribe to our Telegram Channel to be notified about new posts.

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